Militarism and Deceit Guide German Policy

Hitler's first mistake in diplomacy was deceiving the British Prime Minister, for this was the one thing needed to awaken the English people to the realization that German politics were based upon deceit, according to Dr. William Hermanns in a talk in Emerson Hall last night.

Nazi diplomacy is, for the most part, based upon the army, and its methods are characterized by militaristic thinking. Since the days of Frederick the Great when surprise warfare was introduced, the army's part has been a major one, according to Hermanns.

German Conquest Brings Oppression

"In the wake of the English army follows the British banker with his money bags, to establish peaceful relations which are based on sound psychology. Behind the German soldiers marches the organizer with sword in hand, mindful of the words of General Blucher who warned that the fruits of the sword must not be destroyed by mistakes of the pen," said Hermanns.

Although based on the army, Nazi diplomacy is a diplomacy of deceit and treachery, but it is no different than that employed by the Kaiser in 1914 when he planned the war long before it broke out, Hermanns told and audience packing Emerson D.