Everts and Dunlop Victors; Moley and Burton Defeated

Experience and craftiness triumphed over power and aggressiveness in the two semi-final matches of the University Tennis Tournament played yesterday at the Divinity courts as first-seeded Al Everts finally stopped the victorious march of Freshman Mal Moley of California, and John T. Dunlop, instructor in Economics, outlasted Lin Burton, Varsity players last year who is doing graduate work here now.

The first set of the Everts-Moley contest was even almost all the way through with neither player able to get more than a one-game lead until at 8-all Everts held service and managed to break through Moley's to win 10-8.

Moley Has Fast Service

Moley, a hard hitter, played very aggressively, but Everts had a little too much experience and accuracy for the '46 player. Everts couldn't break through Moley's cannonball service though until the sixteenth game. And he called it "the fastest service" he has seen in a long time which is high praise from someone who just last week played "Pancho" Segura, the Equador Champion who has been doing so sensationally on the tournament circuit this summer.

The Newton player was ahead most of the time in the second and final set as Moley, son of former New Deal brain truster Raymond Moley, got slightly tired. Everts took this set 6-4, and has still to lose a set in the tournament.

Dunlop continued against Burton his steady, unsensational, but very cagey tactics, which had already accounted for John Zinsser, Hugh Hyde, and Vincent Brandt, winning 6-4, 3-6, 6-2.

Burton exhausted himself in his second-set spurt, and Dunlop, after losing the first game, won the next five in a row. Ec A instructor Dunlop played on the University of California team in 1934 in the number three spot.