Singles Record for 4 Mile Course Smashed

Slashing 39 seconds off the previous record, Edward H. Harding '45, sculled the four-mile course up to the Arsenal Street Bridge and back yesterday morning in 27 minutes 14 seconds, breaking the record formerly held by David C. Noyes '44.

Harding, who has been a member of the 30-Minute Club for some time and was winner of the junior singles three-quarter-mile race in the last year's University Regatta, held the record once before with a time of 29 minutes. His new record was made after a former attempt which netted him something over 28 minutes was frustrated by interference from a launch.

The 30-Minute Club which now has seven members, is composed of students of the University who have made the four-mile course to the Arsonal Street Bridge and back in under 30 minutes, or have been winner in a singles race at the University Regatta.

Prize for racing the four miles in 30 minutes is the privilege of using one of the four new singles at the Boat Club. It is in these new boats that the fastest records are made.