"Increased Costs" Given as Reason Behind Higher Rates

As a result of a meeting held last week the barber shops in the Square, with only a few exceptions, have agreed to raise their haircut prices to 60 or 65 cents in the very near future.

Reason given by the manager of the Crimson Barber Shop, who proposed the scheme, is that "everything is going up." He specifically referred to soap, towels, tonic, and the like, as well as to labor costs. The proprietors who are holding out against the price rise have stated that they are willing to up shave and shampoo prices, because of the additional costs, and because such jobs are luxuries which the customer can do for himself, whereas haircuts are necessities.

LaFlamme's Holds Out

Those shops which are holding out against the plan, including LaFlamme's, traditionally used by Faculty and officers of the University, fail to see why the increase is necessary, and are afraid that the business loss which would result would be considerable. There is a possibility that students would take their trade into Boston, where no-tip shops still charge only 50 cents.

A great increase of business has resulted from the Summer School and the large number of Navy and Army officers studying here, according to their owners.