Anderson Returns to Blocking Back Post

Guard Positions Are Harlow's Main Worry

Dick Harlow was a little more cheerful than usual after Varsity football practice yesterday, for one of his main worries was slightly alleviated by the return of Lloyd "Swede" Anderson to College.

The great problem in the Crimson lineup at this point is the blocking back post, and, on the basis of last spring's practice, "Swede" is the man that Harlow is counting on to plug that hole in his team.

Guard Posts Weak

In addition to the blocking back spot, Dick is also anxious about the center of the line. For the past few days he has been experimenting with every conceivable combination at the guard posts; as the situation stands now, Charley Gudaitis, Thad Mroz, Sid Smith and Wally Kamp appear to be the ranking candidates for these positions.

Two other late arrivals yesterday were Paul Perkins and Ray Guild, Perkins, a candidate for the fullback spot, is regarded by Dick as a "definite contender for the first team." While wing back Guild will probably see his share of action provided his "brittle" legs get through the season without injury.


Gallagher Praised

Jim Gallagher has been singled out for three days in a row by the coaching staff for his work at tailback. Gallagher is probably the best passer on the squad, in addition to being a shifty, broken field runner. Despite his light weight--only 167 pounds--he will doubtless be in there pitching once the season gets rolling.

Though it does not directly concern this year's grid campaign, a hint was recently given to Director of Athletics Bill Bingham that the Navy feels the war will last at least another year. The intimation was contained in a letter to Bingham requesting that the North Carolina Pre-Flight team be included on Harvard's 1943 football schedule.

Yesterday's 40 minutes scrimmage saw team "A" line up as follows, le, Barnes; lt, Durwood; lg, Mroz; c, Fisher; rg, Smith; rt, Stannard; re, Forte; qb, Waters; tb, Richards and Boston; wb, Wilson; fb, Johnson.