New Wartime By-Laws Call For Several More Elections

Elections for new executives to the Student Council will take place on Monday, Thomas Matters '43, president of the Council, revealed last night. New members to the organization will also be elected this month and the date of these elections will be determined on Monday.

Pressure of work and divisionals has already forced the resignation of one of the current executives, John Richardson, Jr. '43, treasurer. Appointed to succeed him was John P. Kennedy, Jr. '44. The approach of the first January graduation has caused the other executive to indicate that immediate resignation is necessary.

Because of the uncertainty of any student's College career the Council will henceforth fill war vacancies by an appointment if the distance from a scheduled election is deemed too great for a by-election. The men who will be eligible for election to the Council in the approaching race will be the Class of '45; the question of choosing from the Class of '46 is still undecided by the Council.