Booters Finish Against; Yale Tomorrow, Top Brown, 4-1

Soccermen May Miss Five First-Stringers

Yale's light blue kickers will invade Cambridge tomorrow for the climax of this year's intercollegiate soccer season: the annual Yale-Harvard game. The match will be held at Soldiers Field, starting at 3 o'clock.

Both team's are at their peak for the game, with Coach Jack MacDonald's men hitting a season's high with Wednesday's 4-1 victory over Brown. Earlier in the year, Yale beat the Bruins by the exact same score; so, on comparative scores the game should be rather even.

Harvard will not be at full strength for the game. Paul Morgan is definitely lost, while the medicos are working on Dave Dean and Julio Ortega with the hope of enabling them to start. It is doubtful if Roger Lazarus will play more than one period, and Howie Finkel may be lost for the final game.

MacDonald believes, however, that the team he fields tomorrow will he as good as any during the year. In his post game talk Wednesday, he concluded, "The team has finally begun to function like a machine. They have hit their stride."