Freshmen to Dance at Lowell Tomorrow at 8

Artle Ross's Orchestra Will Give Out to Capacity Crowd

To the Music of Artie Ross and his orchestra, the first Freshman social affair since '46's Jubilee last spring will get underway at 3 o'clock tomorrow night in the Lowell House dining Room for an expected capacity crowd. Sponsored by the '47 Freshman Committee, the dance is for the civilian first year men, V-12 Freshmen, the AST Reserves, and their guests.

Only the beginning of what promises to be a full winter schedule, the dance is fulfilling a two-fold purpose as the committee expects it to act as an integration medium by bringing members of the Class' various components together for the first time. The affair is also the only large College entertainment feature following the Boston College game on the last football weekend of the year.

No costume party, the dance will still have its individuality by having the girls appear in evening dresses while their escorts wear informal clothes.

Decorations will follow the lines of simplicity with soft, colored lights giving the atmosphere to Ross' danceable rhythms, which were heard at the first Freshman Dance last year. Currently, Ross and company have been featured in and around Boston.