New Class of Over 250 Men Due to Report December 1

Friday morning in Sanders Theatre 214 officers from class 6-43 and 41 officers from class 7-43 were graduated from the Naval Training School, Communications. Twenty-three letters of citation were awarded to top-ranking men.

After presenting the letters, Captain V. Murphy, USN, Director of Naval Communications, addressed the graduating group and officer under instruction. Comparing this war to a three-ring circus he reminded them that there would be excitement in every part of the world in the next year or two, and they would have the opportunity to be involved in it. Captain Murphy then wished them luck after expressing his envy of their chance to take part actively in the thick of the attack.

Cass 11-43 is expected to report for duty under instruction December 1. Among the more than 250 incoming officers there are expected men from several Naval activities. Although most will he from the indoctrination schools at Princeton, Fort Schuyler, and Tucson, men from Naval district headquarters and several ex-midshipmen should report with this group tomorrow.