At the UT

With pathetic hopefulness some Hollywood mogul threw a consistent hit team together with some weak music and a farcical plot, cooked it for 90 minutes and called it a musical. "You Were Never Lovelier" just never made the grade. The title tune has had some success as a hit, but other-wise there is only the flashing agility of Fred Astaire's feet, and all of Rita Hayworth in some-thing filmy under a full moon. Even the dance sequences are mediocre except for the torrid "Shorty George." A musical without the music is just another miscarriage.

Despite the apparently amazing information that Latin Americans have almost the same traits as the homo sapiens of the California Basin, Hollywood has misrepresented South America once again. It looks like international libel laws should be set up, especially among Good Neighbours. In patios and skyscrapers ex-gaucho Adolphc Menjou putters dismally through various schemes to make his daughter, Rita, fall in love, but the plot stops there.

As unexpected as the mediocrity of the main feature is the merit of "Counter Espionage." In contrast to a second rate musical, the spectator finds a gripping tale of espionage in blacked out London. To be sure. Warren William as the suave Lone Wolf saves the girl and the British Isles, but by that time half of the audience has collapsed from the suspense. His endearing side-kick, Eric Blore, ambles through the greatest dangers with obstinate indifference.