Annual Gathering to Have Noted Writers, Educators

The 52nd annual meeting of the Harvard Teachers Association will be held here Friday and Saturday, March 19 and 20. Noted authors and government officials will be the speakers at this gathering, which will be jointly attended by the New England Association of Teachers of English.

Problems related to the war effort, ranging from the shortage of teachers to government education, defense programs, and analyses of conditions in China, India, and Russia will be the topics of discussion. New officers for the Association will also be chosen at the meeting.

Begun by Founder

The Harvard Teachers Association, originally begun by the founder of the School of Education, includes among its members educators from all over the country, who meet each year at Harvard.

The role the school and college plays in the plans of the armed services will be discussed at a general meeting in Sanders Theatre at 8 o'clock Friday by Lieutenant Colonel Herbert G. Espy '29, of the Special Service Division, Services of Supply, War Department.

Also on this program, discussing the educational programs of their various bureaus, will be Edgar Fuller of the Civil Aeronauties Administration, Department of Commerce, Washington, Walter D. Cocking, head of the educational Services branch, Consumers Division, Office of Price Administration, Washington, and kenneth L. Heaton, principal consultant, U. S. Office of Civilian Defense.

Durrell to Preside

Conferences on social studies in war time and post-war problems wil open the meetings at 3:30 o'clock Friday, Donald D. Burrell, dean of the Boston University School of Education and President of the Harvard Teachers Association, will preside.

Saturday morning will be filled with another series of conferences, after which a luncheon will be given at 12:30 o'clock at the Harvard Faculty Club, while a general meeting starting at 2:15 o'clock will close the program.

World Affairs Discussed

Presided over by Henry W. Holmes '03, professor of Education at the College, the general meeting on Saturday will concentrate on focal areas in world affairs. Lin Mousheng, author of "Men and Ideas" and editor of "Contemporary China," will talk on China Today and Tomorrow.

Other speakers will be Anup Singh '34, author of "Nehru, the Rising Star of India," and editor of "India Today," who is also director of research of the India League in America, will discuss India and World Events. The present situation in Russia will be described by Captain Sergei Kournakoff, author of "Russia's Fighting Forces."