Chaplain Course Underway With All Faiths Represented

Refresher for Men Now on Active Duty

The April session of the Chaplain School is well underway this week. The classes began on Thursday, April 8, with an enrollment of practically 300 student Chaplains. As has always been the case, the Chaplains represent all of the larger denominational religious groups in the United States.

Not a few are men who have been in service anywhere from six months to two years and a few who have seen actual combat service in the present war. This is in keeping with the policy of the War Department to give these men a "refresher course," so that they can keep abreast of changes in regulations and techniques that affect the Chaplain in the discharge of his many and important duties for the men in the service.

During the few days between the close of last month's session and the opening of this one, the School facilities were used for a highly concentrated course in instruction to the Chaplains of the State and Home Guard organizations.

There ware fourteen of these chaplains, who are doing a splendid job in ministering to the spiritual needs and building morale in the Home Guard organizations, who presented themselves at the School to struggle with the almost impossible task of assimilating in two short days a course that is already over-crowded covering a period of one month of regular school.


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