No man can stand radio engineering for long without being affected mentally in a serious and sinister manner. I have seen many crack under the strain. Most of these poor unfortunates become hams, and they never are the same again.

Last Wednesday night I saw a man crack completely, and it was a sad sight. A group of students were gathered around a radio in the lab. Two of the men were working on it, and the others looked on in silent awe. I could feel a nervous electric tension in the air. Suddenly one of the students leaped upon the lab table. His face was frenzied; his voice was high and strained; and he sang (to the tune of "MacNamara's Band" which happened to be on the radio at the time) this strange unearthly song.

It was a Radio Engineer,

He stoppeth one of three.

"By the gnashing teeth and glittering eye

Now wherefor stoppest thou me?"

His body shook like an R. F. Wave.

His left eyebrow was higher.

From his toes arose intermittent throes

Like a Class C amplifier.

He said, "I quote Ohm's Law by rote

And Kirchoff's Laws verbatim,

But yet I'm called in every week

For a tete-a-tete with Tatum.

"And Doctor Morris on the stand,