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Welcoming the new group of 100 WAVES who came to Radcliffe this week for a course in disbursing and supply was Lieutenant Commander Mildred H. McAfee, director of Women's Reserves and assistant to Admiral Jacobs, head of the Bureau of Personnel, Navy Department.

Coming from Commencement ceremonies at Wellesley College where she, as President of the school, officiated at the various exercises, she arrived at Briggs Hall Wednesday morning, after being welcomed by the officers of the WAVE staff and the Navy supply school officers at a luncheon where she spoke before the assembled woman trainees.

McIntosh Speaks

In addition to Miss McAfee, Captain K. C. McIntosh, head of the Navy Supply School, who is the new group's commanding officer, and Lieutenant Commander F. W. Hesser, officer of the Navy Supply School, addressed the WAVES. Ensign M. A. Gaertner, of the WAVES, officer at Briggs Hall, also spoke.

After luncheon a review was held for Miss McAfee, including an athletic review which the girls gave under the direction of Ensign F. L. Corey, athletic director.

The group will take a course more comprehensive than that taken by the previous class, lasting three months instead of the two of the class before. It will include studies in supply and disbursing both, instead of a choice between the two subjects.

From Two Colleges

The present group comes from two colleges, Mt. Holyoke and Smith, where each trainee received from 6 to 8 weeks "basic training". They will live, as did the two classes before them, in Briggs Hall at Radcliffe, taking their classes at Longfellow Hall on the Radcliffe campus and at the Business School across the river.

Their instructors will in many cases be the same as those of the men in the Navy Supply School, but their curriculum will be definitely abbreviated since they are taking only a three months' course, as opposed to the much longer courses taken by the various grades of officers and midshipmen in the masculine branch of Navy Supply.

As they have done in the past, the men across the river will welcome their sisters in arms with a "get-together" party. The event will be held next Saturday in Potter auditorium at the Business School with the WAVES and Supply officers expected to attend on masse.

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