A lovely party in every respects . . . sums up the Supply Corps party in the Georgian room at the Statler Hotel Saturday night. The weather was lovely . . . The moon was beautiful . . . Feminine beauty radiated over the ball room and the music by Ruby Newman's band was in the groove. The party, especially enjoyed the smooth and hot licks on the trumpet by Murray. Griffin gliding into ecstasy on his clarinet kept everyone in a mellow mood.

The faculty attending en masse without any embarrassing questions was a pleasure . . . Damned if they're not human. Some wag put out the hot dope that there was going to be a muster at midnight. Refreshments being available in the room added to the party in more ways that one.

In short, congratulations are in order to the class leaders who sponsored and planned the party. Attention! Regional Commander Max Moore . . . we'd like more.

The column on the front page is by my wife, she said she didn't want a byline. Other Navy wives may be interested.