V-12ers, Civilians Eligible as Beer Flows at 14 Plympton

Have you any dormant desires lying deep and hidden in your heart? Perhaps at 14 Plympton Street you con find the answers amid the flowing free beer, as the first SERVICE NEWS competition starts here, Wednesday, at 7:30 o'clock.

Be you Navy or Civilian, (except new Freshmen), poor or rich, weak or strong, as long as you've spent a term in any college, there is fun and experience for all. The competition will run for a basic period of four weeks, after which election will come whenever the individual is ready to be an editor.

Although there will only be one board, competitors can specialize. The News staff will welcome the incipient snooper, give him a chance to interview chorus girls and deans. The Business staff will supplement Ec A, and won't be dull, either. The Photographers can find the niche roaming the streets with a Speed Graphic or puttering in the dark-room. And if you want to lambaste that movie or play you saw in a moment of weakness the back page will be open for your efforts, and free passes, too