This is written for those of you who managed to survive the ordeal of last weekend. The hardier members of your group may have noticed that we did not write a column earlier this week. We confess frankly that we were in no condition to do so.

In retrospect, the exam didn't seem half so bad as it did at the time. And if the account current problem could somehow have been lost or forgotten, the rest of it would have been lost or forgotten, the rest of it would have seemed a little tame. But the A/C got most everybody so on edge that he didn't know what the other problems were about.

We hear about one fellow who at the end of an hour and a half was still $87,000 out of balance. He finally found his mistake and came out all right.

Some members of the Glee Club were a bit skeptical as to just what effect their 15 minute appearance at the senior graduation ceremonies would have. Most of them found that the singing cleared their minds and they went back of the exam much better prepared to tackle the problems at had. Incidentally, the Club was roundly applauded on its first public appearance.

The broadcast is just next week and even now the turnout at rehearsals in not all that it should be. If you have been out for the Club at any time in the past, come back out now and get it over the broadcast hump. The group will necessarily require reorganization after the seniors leave, but the more juniors we have the easier that task will be.


Our class Year Book is now getting under way, and every member of the class should be only too happy to be of any assistance to the editors. A lot of work has to be done and the editors are giving up a lot of what would otherwise be free time to do it. The book will be good only in proportion as we all help get the job done.