Company D

All this, and the watch too!

That, friends, was the meaning of those 18 long faces seen in Company Dog last Thursday afternoon when Scoutmaster Martin read the sad news to the M. P. O.'s platoon leaders and section leaders.

Many was the tear shed by 18 pairs of eyes into as many if not more bears Thursday evening, before the 2000 curfew.

And that brings up another point. We have noticed a big increase in the delicatessen business since the Navy wives got a break. That break, of course, being the elimination of he snack hour from 2100 to 2200.

While the proprietors of the local apothecary shops specializing in liquid prescriptions tear their hair, the sandwich shop men rub their hands in delight, for many is the edible carried into Mower, Lionel, and Strauss, to stave off that gnawing hunger that comes at 2100.

Such matters, however, are mere trivia to Ken Safely. His pleasant smile is even broader than usual after his marriage last Saturday night. But how was it he was excused from gym on the following Thursday? Are you ailing, Ken?

The Supreme Seventh, led by Steamer Sainsbury, knocked off another platoon at softball Thursday night, score 10-3. The victim laid away at this session was the Sizzling Sixth, which was brought down to a simmer, in much the same fashions as was that fine body of men, the Eight platoon.

It is no secret that the Seventh is spoiling for another fray, "Who will be next?" is their battle cry.

Perhaps it will be Fighting Fourth, which took over the First Platoon 13-10 on Thursday night, thereby establishing primary supremacy in Section A.

Speaking of contests, the squash and handball contingent should get up a tournament to settle these arguments about who is who down there.

And another thing, boys, remember to keep those Harvard Campaign ribbons on your shirts. Much was the wailing and gnashing of teeth of Les Miserables caught without them the other day. Heads up! Stomachs in! Chests out!