Naval Training School (Communications)

All hands in Baker are expected on deck when they go across the footlights next Monday night with their last Smoker. It will be the last time that the Company will be together as a unit and "Auid Lang Syne" should predominate when the departing buddies are wished good sailing by those remaining for their P. G. courses here.

Walter Ollen, chairman of the affair, promises a skit by each platoon, good chow, plenty of suds, entertainment by Baker members of the NTS Swing Band and if Buzzie Buskirk, Chet Travelstead, Merv Lysing, Pete Francati, Frank Davis, and Jim Oliver give out the way they did in the Yard the other night... it will be a whopping success.

Follow the Funnies

Now that the Baker annual is all locked up and gone to press and should be out by the second week in September (sooner if the presses and bailing wire holds out) we wonder what adventures will befall our li'l James Farrell this month? It could be that Fearless Farrell might take to tracking down Mrs. Pruneface.

John Hessler is back this month with the baton in Section A and is doing nicely with his demodulation of lookout groups, radio conference, groups and 111-A subscribers. It isn't any wonder that one platoon found themselves in the Subway headed for the Fargo Building before they realized that he said, "lookconferencehead group."

Brooklyn Al Perrine will not make any dates when he gets back to the "Bum" town for "eleventeen hundred" ...he's going to make it one, one, zero, zero.

After the Horse is Stolen

Alexander R (i) ves got news the other day that another of his Virginia Belles got married and R(i)ves said immediately, "Ah jus gotta get me some leave soon oah m' whole stable will be a-goin tuh the dawgs."

Roger "Trigger" Sherman must have lost his wooden gun for we've missed all those dead Japs lie's been plugging round the Yard of late with his wooden 45 and silver ammunition.

Since the Department will not allow women aboard ships, it looks like Vic Chew will have to give Dorrie an F.T.P. number and class "Q" stowage to get her aboard that next good duty.

We thought that we might combine all the people that ask questions two minutes before the bell and call him Gordon McPalm.

Now that the majority have received inklings into their P.G. duties, the rest of the Bakermen can't wait until they know whether they will be hoisting signals or entering them in the log as comm. Officers . . . The management promises a good show in any duty you draw and there are plenty of good ring-side seats left.