As Company Dog girds its loins and strides on in its vigil to keep John Harvard's Yard secure, it becomes increasingly apparent that the Company smoker Friday will not be amiss. The smoker can be sandwiched in between watches very nicely, albeit the Hasty Pudding Club is barred to us.

Some non-Harvard men were heard mumbling the other day to the effect that Harvard Union was in reality the Hasty Pudding Club. Another case of confusion between true and relative (bearings) no doubt.

One of the Company "old salts" raised, a pertinent question at the same time--while he was on watch. "Where is the Joe-Pot," said he, referring to that omnipresent reminder, of shipboard tradition, the Java kettle.

C. E. Richardson, COMQUAILRON, is purchasing several hotels on the weekly installment plan.

Skipper Ahoy

All of which does not, however, solve the mystery of the whereabouts last week of the Skipper of a well-known man-o-war, the ship that has been moored for some time at Littauer. Although he was seen around the Yard, as of the time this item was turned in it was not ascertained whether or not the erratic signalling of the Company signalmen had driven him from class.

Could be he was in quest of a few collision mats to be used at Harvard Union so as to get us used to things sea-going. On the other hand, he might have been conducting genealogical research on the egg encountered there the other day by Hot-Foot Scott.

Ups and Downs

On the softball front, the First Platoon defeated the Second, 6-4, while that fine body of men, the eighth Platoon, laid low the Sixth, 12-8. Showing a die-hard tendency, the Eighth played a return game with the Seventh Friday, and won 10-9.

Mathematics Show: 1300 men are needed to stand the 13 Company Dog watches up to Sept. 22. However, the 257 men available for watch duty, multiplied by 13, show that 3341 men are on tap.

The O. O. W. on duty last Thursday night wanted to know the meaning of the words to know the meaning of the words "all secure." Just a tip, boys just a tip.