Juniors Choose Osborne, Tibbetts, Perkins, Boggs

V-12 men led the voting on Tuesday as the Classes of 1945 and 1946 filled the rolls of the Student Council back to normal by the election of seven new civilian representatives. '45 picked Maurice M. Osborne, Paul D. Tibbetts, James W. Perkins, and S. Taylor Boggs; while '46 chose Kent G. Fry, William W. Dunn, and Robert W. Regan.

Of the '45 representatives Osborne, is from Adams house and Beacon Hill Tibbetts of Lowell House and Winchendon, Perkins from Adams and South Dartmouth, and Boggs of Lowell and Groves, Missouri. The '46 men include Fry of Lowell and New York City, Dunn of Dunster and New York and Regan of Dudley and West Roxbury.

138 Juniors Voto

One hundred and thirty eight members of the Class of '45 voted, while '46 cast 195 ballots. Of the 138, Osborne received the approval of 87, Tibbets 67, Perkins 63, and Boggs 62. The Class of '46 gave 85 to Fry, 63 to Dunn, and 60 to Regan.

Kirkland and Eliot, which had no men entered, were the two Houses that voted most heavily, with Adams following closely. Voting lagged in both Lowell and Dunster.