Creating A Ripple

Out of the doubt that confuses us, out of the Maze of Manuals and memos and regs, one though rings clear and keeps us hopping onward-some day we'll be real WAVES, yea, true breakers-ripples no longer.

So each morn we hoist up our blue bookbags and stagger through Cambridge on to our goal, be it the west coast, the east coast, or a spot in the middle. In the meantime, we can add one more alphabetical formula to our increasing stock on hand, SC, which we can now flaunt as a reward for our struggles.

NO Gun Molls We

A year ago who thought we would be spending our vacation in historic Boston? But here we are. smart girls explore its historic by-ways until 11 o'clock; other girls study each night in hopes that some happy day they, too, may be privileged. All girls learn the inner workings of a"45" those of us with weak hands hope for a husky guard, and those of us with weak hearts hope we carry them for purposes of morale only.

But who among us would change places with our civilian sisters? Who would give up the comfort of flat heels and lisles, or our little gremlin suits or the mail-box mob or rows of wet white gloves, or disbursing problems, or our mail from Bu Sand A? Not We! We Would rather flirt with Portsmouth. After all, you could win fame knitting socks for chilly sailors-and who knows, membership in the Portsmouth Outing Club could be exciting-well novel anyway.

No one can deny that these weeks have already been instructive--we have learned to ride bicycles with savoir faire through the teeming traffic of Harvard Square, how to fill out pay receipts, we hope, how our pay accounts are figured out-well, almost. When the fog lifts, if ever, we will be an asset, not only to the WAVES, but to the Supply Corps. When and if, Congress passes the bill, we will be truly "Ready for Sea" after we have been there for some time.