Lampoon Chosen as Villain In Movie, "Bamboo Blonde"

You listen to me ... no don't try to tell me you're busy. You sit right down and listen. Time was when the Lampoon could have a quiet movie made of it ... even a double feature. '...' without all this stupid fuss. It used to be a cinch. All we did was demand casting rights, royalties, and then sue for deformation of character.

The crowds roared, Mickey Sullivan dribbled over his chin, the publicity men rubbed their hands, and the show stank. O.K., O.K., So you never saw a Poon-pic. Well, there were, and nobody that wasn't anybody ever tried to horn in. We've always worked through nice people, well, like Ann Sheridan, or Marjorie Woodworth.

And now this ... 'Radcliffian can win Hollywood role in picture about Harvard Lampoon vs. Bamboo Starlets." With the Hays office, we prefer to let sleeping bags lie.

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