All hail the privileged among us. They have done nobly, and no doubt deserve their freedom. Here's hoping they use some of it so that the rest of us can sort of catch up. The "list" should be posted today and all grades will also be in our hands by this afternoon. Congratulations, "p.l.'s" and hang on!

The schedule of "significant" dates is no longer news, but next semester's program may be. The first four weeks will be devoted to two hours a day of disbursing ashore, including navy transportation and navy auditing, accompanied by four hours a week of "introduction to Navy Supply."

Harvard Courses Included

Also, two Harvard courses will be on the schedule Administrative Policy, under Professor Bates, and War Production and Government Controls II, under the direction of Professor McNair,

At the end of the first four weeks, Navy Supply will replace Disbursing for two hours a day, and Naval Aviation Supply will be on the docket for four hours a weeks, instead of the introductory supply course. Lt. Commander Collins and Lt. Anderson are expected to assist the regular NSCS faculty in the navy supply courses, while the burden of instruction in aviation supply will be shared by navy and Harvard faculty. Thus, at no time will we be carrying more than four courses, but those four courses promise to be humdingers, all.

Residence Rulings

It is not yet known whether single men will be permitted to live off the station. Married men will have that privilege beginning September 21. Senior Class officers who remain on the station will be required to maintain the usual rules of "silence about the deck" after Tattoo, but they will, in effect, have liberty from the last class daily until the first class the next day.

However on-station residents will be required to log out with the Duty Office if they expect to remain ashore any evening after 2300. Arrangements will be made next term for those who prefer to mess off-station to pay at Cowie only for the meals consumed there.

Watch Assignments

Concerning watch duty members of the Senior Class will stand watches as often as required, but will probably always be assigned the duties of Battalion Duty Officer. Consequently, they may bunk in the Duty Office on Watch nights.

Incidentally, although fall leave ends on the second of August, regular weekend liberty (until 0900 Monday) will commence as soon as Saturday's duties are taken care of.

Wives Competition Requested

We look forward to some adjustment in the calisthenics program, and, in the interests of physical culture, we agree with D-21 Mellon, that an all wives baseball game would be fun. How about it, President Brown, air?

Under the present Alnav on promotion 11 months active duty as Ensign are required for automatic promotion to Lt. (jg). Here's hoping someone up's and writes a new Alnav on that score very soon.

We don't know the technical or other difficulties in either of the following, so we can still ask natively, "Any chance of getting refrigerated drinking fountains in the dorms?" and "can we please have all the milk we want to drink at Cowie?"

This week's Bungalow on the Charles goes to Wilford C. Doss of C. 4, who takes the hand of Miss Mary McCrae of his home town next Saturday the 14th at Harvard Memorial Church. Nice going W.C.D., and lots of luck.

Column Continuity Threatened

Unless someone forgets the old Army axiom. "Keep Your Mouth Shut, etc., and Never Volunteer," the midshipman-officers school will not be represented in the SERVICE NEWS after this issue. This writer has apparently devoted a little more time to his scoopin' than he should have. In witness whereof, see Exhibit One, Disbursing Grades of 8, slant 2, slant 43. There must be someone else who can spare a few hours a week unscuttling things for our growing ensemble.

Fundamentally it's just so much stuff with some grand cooperation from the office to help you along. Besides, look at the fun you'll have (oh yeah!) seriously, it's far from a thankless job, and we think it a necessary activity, so put in your bid now. Two can probably handle it easily and pass Disbursing too. Adieu.