After over two months of social uncertainty, the V-12 and NROTC units will finally enter into the regular House activity. The regular V-12 unit chose six men from Eliot House and three from Kirkland House Wednesday to act as their House committees, while the Naval Society will act for the Naval ROTC.

Those elected after they were nominated by a committee of Navy men set up by the Student Council, include Lloyd M. Anderson, Joseph T. Fitzpatrick, Ashley H. Carter, James G. Summers, Charles D. Thompson, and Robert D. Harrison of Eliot House; and Daniel R. Shields, Earl T. Winters, and Peter M. Lewis of Kirkland House.

V-12, NROTC Work Jointly

On matters pertaining to the entire V-12 program, the newly elected House Committees and the Naval Society will act jointly, while matters affecting only the regular V-12 or the NROTC will be handled by their respective representative groups.

The groups will work with their commanding officers in order to promote House unity and spirit, while the joint committee will also meet with the inter-House committee in order to prevent conflicting dates in House socials.


Three more appointments will be made to the committee to round out the exact representation of men, since some entering students and men transferred from the fleet may have been left out in the current elections