Five Houses Elect Ten Freshmen to Class Committee

Lewell House Still to Elect Council Backed Delegates

Ten members of the Freshmen Class Committee have been elected from Eliot, Kirkland, Dudley, Dunster, and Adams Houses, with only Lowell failing to take action yet. The latter election will take place some time this week.

Already elected to the new committee are Loyd Tingler of V-12, Eliot House, and Gallatin, Missouri; Frederick J. Carpenter of V-12, Eliot House, and Paterson, New Jersey; Rodney B. Perkins of V.12, Eliot House, and Brookline; Robert E. Philpot of V-12, Kirkland House, and Searsdale, New York; W. L. Jack Edwards of Adams House and Dallas, Texas; Stephen D. Becker of Adams House and Yonkers, New York; William Murphy and Robert W. Mullins of Dudley, the commuters' center; Victor J. Critchlow of Dunster House and Portland, Oregon; and Nathan Weston of Dunster House and Cambridge.

The purposes and functions of the 1947 Class Committee are to run the affairs of the Class of 1947 during the present year, to act as the official organ and voice of the Class as such; and to act as a Class committee until the regular officers (marshals, etc.,) are elected.

Other important duties of this group will be to nominate a group of men from which five will be elected to the Student Council and to determine whether or not the Class will hold its traditional Jubilee.

In the early part of last term, a committee was chosen by the Student Council to start things rolling for the Class. Adopting a policy by which the Navy and civilian components of the Class would he integrated, the committee proceeded to hold a Freshman Class dance.


So far, of the appointed committee, Becker, Philpot, and Critchlow have been re-elected. Other members of the committee were Richard A. Green, Frederick P. Murphy, and James R. Hollis, of Lowell House; Robert S. Gordon, Jr., of Adams; John C. Babcock, of Dunster; Robert E. Barry, of Dudley; and James C. Dolan, of V-12 Eliot House.