2 New Men Join Faculty

Copland's Lectures To Begin in Spring

Aaron Copland, noted American composer and Dr. William Berrien, one of the leaders in the development, of Latin-American teaching methods, have been appointed to the Harvard Faculty. Copland will begin his duties in the spring term as Visiting Lecturer on Music, while Dr. Berrien will be professor of Romance languages and Literatures after July 1.

Fund Sponsors Lectures

Copland will deliver five public lectures on modern music under the Horatio Appleton Lamb Fund, established in 1928 to bring eminent musicians to Harvard. Copland has been a noted composer since 1924, chiefly of symphonies, concertos, and chamber music. He has written scores for several motion pictures, including "Of Mice and Men," "Our Town," and "North Star." He is president of the American Composers Alliance, director of the International Society for Contemporary Music, director of the League of Composers, and director of the American Music Center.

Berrien Has Traveled Much

Dr. Berrien, who is now Director for the Humanities of the Rockefeller Foundation, previously taught Spanish and Portugese at Northwestern, California, Michigan, and Mills, and is to teach these languages at Harvard. He has resided for long periods in South America and Mexico.

Inter-American affairs have been the object of much of Dr. Berrien's activity. He was chairman of the CIAA Conference on Modern Language Teaching in 1942, and vice-president of Institute International de Literature Iberoamericana, 1940-1942. He has been chairman of numerous conferences and committees on Latin-American affairs since 1939. In the literary field he has been Associate Editor of "Hispania" since 1942, Associate Editor of "Revista Iberoamericana," 1940-1943, and Co-General Editor of "Handbook of Brazilian Studies."