Lucky Bag


Looking over the Sunday liberty list, we failed to find Casey "the Rabbit" O'Donnell partaking in the luxury. Could it be that his recent "H.P." has converted him into a bookworm--and then there's always the Charles River in June. Fred Stein has a sage remark or two about the cleaning service in Boston and requests that anyone who would like "vastly superior" service to contact his father, who is a dry-cleaning magnate--in Detroit. If this questionable weather continues, "T.C.U." Thomas says he's going home to Texas. Murray threatens to report him absent from muster if he does, so a continuation of cold weather "mat" find the "Texas heart" still transplanted.

If Joe Neil doesn't give you a Parker pen for Christmas, he's a chintz. Reason might be a certain newly-acquainted Miss by the familiar name of "Parker." Morgan "Doughnuts" Dester hasn't made any doughnuts of late, but all's not dust that doesn't shine, so "old John" may be coming through soon. The missing link--Wolf by name--promises to show his Big Green face soon--he's from Dartmouth. Hyde of Harvard, who did undergraduate work across the River, claims many laurels for the Boston womenfolk. Of course, he may be a bit on the biased side, but, as we Frenchmen say, "c'est la guerre." Yea, and then there is Sherman's oft-quoted remark, "war is Hell."

In closing, we borrow the ASTP's song, to the tune of the "Volga Boatman," "Only 23 1/2 months to go"--or "Long time no see, Baby."