The Lucky Bag


With the music from the sensational Senior Dance still in our ears, we are all attempting--still--to be fascinated by the oil business, and prepare for the prelude to the kiss-off (hereafter referred to as the K.O.) in Fuel Studies. The breaks seem to be all going our way, though, as the report in Sources was shifted to Monday instead of Saturday--giving us the week-end to write the report.

The Mad Dog, Madison, is quite proud of the way he fixed his boys up with dates for the dance. Even his side kick Tex Lifschutz (or some such similar spelling) is proud of "the Dog." Now if he'd just fix Dante up we'd be happy.

Ohio's gift to room C-36, Kevin "Casey" O'Donnell got his ugly face perpetuated on film the other day, and now we are plagued with the horrible sight night and day--(this ought to get results).

Bill "the Super" Shney and Ed "the Red" Rinetti accompanied the above named "Lightfoot" to the Copley Plaza recently. Eddie says the results made his evening much more successful. That "Brown Boy." Jim Tillotson, had a big evening, too.

Tunstall Barker Perry, III, Birmingham's pride, squired a Bradford miss to Cowie last Sunday noon, accompanied by that great Dane, Bennett Nielson, and date. "Yawall," (Perry), who is rumored to be the white man's Stepin Fetchet, stood in the chow line for ten minutes before he realized that it was moving.

The Christmas holiday at most of the local girls' schools is a bit prolonged, if we may be so bold as to comment, "Geezie" (as our dear roomie puts it), they have to be in by 12 when they're here, now they leave for a month--what are we going to do for--dates.

Apologies to the first company--all but their company commander--for leaving them out of print. Sorry, fellas, but we ran short of spare time a few days ago (Nov. 9th, as we recall). We're sure that Dr. Jekyll, or Hyde, or whatever his name is, can do a much better job anyway. Seriously, Larry, good luck. (You'll need it with a guy like Gow for a company commander). Rinetti! Rinetti! Help, Gow's got the beak again!

We often wonder if it's the weekly shipment of goodies that brings Brune Tiz and the of quoted Count de Wright down to Joe Neil's room. Then, of course, it might be the presence of Fred Trummer. By the way, Pine Island, Minnesota, bears the brunt of Freddie's ten day leaves.

The late-arrival of Don Strauss and Don Stringes might have bothered Summers and Sydnors if these two immortals had been about themselves. The question now becomes: where were our two playmates?

Well, off to Briggs Cage and we'll all do Marine Corps push-ups and deep knee bends in unison. Guerre--as Sherman so aptly puts it--is a helluva way to spend your dawning hours.