College USAFI Norm Ranks High in Nation

Attendance at Tests Hits 272 Peak Mark

Preliminary computations of the four United States Armed Forces Institute examinations given here the week of November 27 have revealed that the Harvard group attained score averages placing it between the 75th and 80th percentiles.

One hundred thirty civilian and V-12 students took all the evening tests, and comparisons with the results obtained in the other "type one" liberal arts colleges throughout the nation indicate that their percentile ratings will be well above the average in such colleges.

Attendance at the examinations varied from a high point of 272 for the second test to a fatigued 189 taking the last. The Class of 1948 predominated at all the examinations, with 176 Freshmen taking the second while only 111 turned out for the final.

3000 In Nation Take Tests

Over 3200 undergraduates at colleges in all regions of the country have participated thus far in the Army test to set up standards for veterans wishing further education. At none of the four tests did attendance sink below the 2500 mark.

The tests, given in English, Social Studies, Science, and Literature, were multiple choice and have been corrected by machine. The results of the examinations are being compiled by the University and will be used, after appropriate adjustments in regard to the general ability of the group have been made, to determine admission standards for returning veterans.

Individual results have not yet been compiled and the winners of the prizes offered are not yet known. Grades will be announced by the University within two weeks, however.