The Lucky Bag

After a month of almost unbroken silence Company 1 hastens to report that it, too, came up to Boston with Pearson, Pearson, et al of Company 2 from Lido Beach, the new concentration point for SC candidates.

This period of silence has not been marked by inaction on the part of the boys with their $15 pay raise jingling in their pockets every month. They have already commenced to distinguish themselves in various lines of endeavor; some in the classrooms, under the new Harvard influence in their lives; others in the brighter spots of Boston, under other influences, no doubt; and still others over the local telephone system.

In the classrooms we find that Bernie (pronounce it any way yo-all want to) Bienvenu is never unprepared. It may have taken 20 minutes of mental hand-springs on his part but he did astound the class, proving that "bags without handles are no good." The class laughed, but Bernie knew he had not "missed the point" and was therefore happy. Note also the breathless response which this brought up from New Jersey, "Yes, yes, go on."

And to prove that even a platoon leader can think if necessary, Marv Fauria solved the whole Management case by answering, "Sir, before I get you any more confused, suppose you straighten me out."

Overhead: "My daughter took one look at me and went into dramatics." Snickers were heard. Well, gentlemen, laugh if you will, but what would you have done if you were in her place?