College Maps Spring Intramurals, Exercise

Samborski Outlines Inter--House Sports

Director of Intramural Athletic Adolph W. Samborski stated last night that the intramural program will be resumed starting this Monday. Competition will begin in basketball and squash, and practice will start for swimming, the actual meets of which will not commence for another week.

The basketball schedule will be run on a new basis this term. Instead of having teams from the two Navy Houses and the three civilian Houses competing against all others, there will be two separate leagues, one Navy, and one civilian. At the close of the competition within each league, there will be a play-off between the two respective champions.

Squash Organization Differs

Squash, on the other hand, will be organized on a different basis with all five Houses competing in the same league. Kirkland's Deacons are the defending champions in this category. The schedule is still in formation, but will be released shortly.

Later in the year, Jupe Pluvius permitting, the competition will move outdoors. At present, baseball of both the hard and soft variety and volleyball are on the slate. Additional sports including boxing and wrestling may be added.


Due to the present precarious position of the ASTP unit in the College, the Army has not been figured into the competition as yet. If the situation resolves in favor of a reasonably large unit to be left here, or if a new shipment of reservists is sent here following the March 15 A-12 V-12 examination, the Army may be taken into the league.