The Lucky Bag

Navy Supply Corps Midshipmen Officers School

With Bob Coleman of Rockhurst and Ed Johnson of Occidental giving the boys the pitch in Company I, the irrepressible "Queenic of the Burlesque Show" is making a fresh debut. The arched eyebrows of our seniors may be an indication of its reception.

Introducing Chase Hall's cast of characters. Number One, Fred "form the battalion" Jennings, as his name implies, is a man of responsibility. Hailing from Texas, and more recently from Dickinson State Teachers Colleges, we have heard it said that he is a lucky hand at finding damsels in the potted palms of a local hotel lobby.

Maybe all of the 180 didn't get there, but those who didn't can be sure they missed a dandy deal at the Continental. Our thanks to the Junior and Senior Officers, to say nothing of those gorgeous "creatures" from Pime Manor, Wellesley, and Points West.