Reduced Enrollment Cause of Shut Down

Restricting Harvard's civilian student body to two Houses, Dean Buck announced last night that Dunster House will close beginning with the summer term. Lowered enrollment figures forced the action which will call for the removal of over 200 men from the House. Transfer blanks will be issued at Dunster Wednesday.

Members of Dunster House will be required to state their preference for either Adams or Lowell, the two remaining Houses for civilian undergraduates. The transfer blanks, containing the students' choice for House, type of suite, price, and roommate, will be due to the Secretary of Dunster House by 12 o'clock on May 20.

Civilian Houses Hit All-Time Low

The number of Houses occupied by civilians will be brought to an all-time low in the ensuing term, descending from seven Houses a year ago when Adams, Eliot, Kirkland, Winthrop, Leverett, Lowell, and Dunster were all occupied by civilian undergraduates. At the beginning of the summer term of last year, Eliot, Kirkland, Winthrop, and Leverett were turned over to the Naval V-12 unit and the Army Specialized Training Program.

No definite plans have yet been formulated for the future of Dunster, reports of service men occupants not having been confirmed.

Out of the present enrollment of over 600 men only from 200 to 300 will return for the warm weather term. To this figure will be added 300 to 400 members of the Class of '48, bringing the total enrollment figure to 500 to 700 students.

Financial Loss Causes Closure

Vacancies in the House this term are quite extensive and the losses incurred during the present term are a major factor in closing the House. Two hundred men are required in each House to pay the overhead alone. With only 500 men fairly sure of attending in the summer term, the three Houses could not operate profitably. If 700 register, conditions will return to what they were at the beginning of last year's summer term.

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