Dunster Gains Softball Championship Company D Leads in V-12 League

Company C Takes Lead in Spring Baseball Competition

Dunster House virtually clinched the civilian intramural softball championship last Tuesday when it defeated Adams in a wild and wooly fray by a score of 20 to 2. This was the Funsters' second victory against Adams, as against one defeat by the Gold Coasters, and, since Lowell House has not showed up for any of its scheduled games yet, Dunster may now be considered to have added the softball championship to its basketball laurels.

In the Navy softball league, high-riding Company D increased its imposing lead over the rest of the field, with a 4-0 victory over Company H on Tuesday. No games were played Wednesday, and yesterday's schedule was occupied by the V-12--ASTP all-star game.

Company D Plays Today

Today's games will see Company D pitted against last-place Company I, while company A faces Company H. On Monday Company I will play Company A, while Company B is slated to meet the NROTC team.

In the Eliot House branch of the baseball league, Company C is leading with two victories, by virtue of a defeat of Company A last week by a score of 13 to 3, and they trounced Company B on, Tuesday, 15 to 2. No games have been played as yet in the civilian league. Today, however, Dunster is slated to face Lowell. No games will be played Monday.

Volleyball competition in the Navy league is scheduled to start next Tuesday, with games between Companies D, H, and I, and the NROTC. There will be no volleyball among the civilian Houses this term.