V-12, Meets ASTP in Track and Baseball

V-12 Defeats ASTP In Softball Tilt, 16-2

V-12 and ASTP teams will square off in baseball and track tomorrow afternoon at soldiers Field, continuing their spring sports competition. Yesterday, the V-12 All Stars topped Company B in softball by 16-2, while the Army triumphed in volley ball.

The softball game, which initiated the competition, was marked by errors, wild pitches and passed balls. Eleven errors were committed, nine by the soldiers.

For three innings it looked like a pitchers' battle between Company B's Davies and the Navy's Tolf, but an eight run rally in the top of the fourth put the game on ice. Four errors, three walks and three sharp singles accounted for the runs.

Tolf had a no-hitter until the fifth when Chafkin singled to center. The two Army runs were scored in the sixth on a walk, two errors and a hit. Although Army relief pitcher Burger held the Navy batters to four runs in the final innings, the outcome was never in doubt.

Eleven walks were collected off the two Army hurlers, while Tolf walked eight men. Welch of the V-12 was the only batter to garner two safeties. However, with the aid of walks and errors, several V-12ers had perfect days at bat.


The inning-by-inning score of yesterday's game: V-12  0  0  4  8  2  2  0--16 ASTP  0  0  0  0  0  2  0--2

In the first V-12--ASTP competition held last February in the Indoor Athletic Building, the Navy was victorious in eight boxing bouts, won the swimming meet, and captured the basketball title. The ASTP registered their lone triumph in wrestling. The present spring competition is under the supervision of Adolph, Samborski, Floyd Stahl, and Jaako Mikkola.