Lowell Leads Softball Play; Companies A, C Are Tied

Bellboys Have Won 2 Games by Forfeit

With four games already on the books in the summer term's intramural softball competition, Lowell House has the dubious distinction of leading the league without having played any official games. This oddity is explained by the fact that neither Companies E nor I, Lowell's only competition thus far, have showed up, recessitating the forfeiture of both games to the Bellboys.

In the games that have been played so far, Company A defeated Company B in a game last Wednesday in an 18 to 10 slugfest. Company C also possesses an emblemished record, having crushed Adams House, the only other civilian contingent in the competition, by a count of 17 to 2, last Friday.

Lowell House, however, has not been idle when their opposition has declined to appear, as they have managed to play two pick-up games. On Friday they beat Company E in a scrub game and yesterday they were utterly and irretrievably shellacked by an all-star aggregation culled from Companies A, B, and C, by the score of 36 to 1.

Adams Plays Company D Today

Today's schedule sees Adams House pitted against Company D, while the ROTC unit will tackle Company I. Tomorrow Companies A and C, both undefeated, will clash in a postponed encounter. On Thursday Companies A and D will meet in one half of the daily twin bill while Companies B and C will complete the afternoon schedule.

According to Chief Petty Officer Paul Dunlap, acting director of the intramural program, all games will start at 4 o'clock, and all conflicts or postponements are to be reported to the Chief as soon as they appear.