Director of Rosenwald Fund Asks Halt to Discrimination

Claiming that the "white man is offered his last chance at the peace table of the world," Edwin R. Embree, President of the Julius Rosenwald Fund, told last night's joint forum audience at Radcliffe's Agassiz Theatre that "he will not get it if he insists upon the present phantasma-goria of caste and complete superiority over all the colored races."

"The first world war was the partial suicide for the western nations," Embree declared. "This war is the beginning of a new era," he concluded, in stressing the numerical superiority of the world's colored peoples and the need for better understanding between different racial groups.

Attacks Prejudice

The American paradox of political democracy accompanied by discrimination against minorities was sharply criticized by Embree. In protesting against the segregation of Negro soldiers, he called attention to the fact that "we have set up a dual system of armies to defend a unified democracy."

"If you are a member of one of those groups outside the small core of so-called true Americans, you have a selfish concern in working for tolerance," he concluded, "but anyone who defends democracy is defending something just as vital to himself as to a member of a minority."