Co. 3 Zeroes in on Bellboy Hoop; Adams Tops Dudley

Cos. 2, 3 Also Snag Inntramural Honors

Yesterday's 47 to 10 massacro inflicted by Company 3 over a stumbling Lowell five makes this navy dreadnaught undisputed master of the intramural loop. Adams and Daley were double trouble that the Bellboys couldn't seem to corral, in each broke through for eight field goals before the merciful final whistle put an end to the rout.

Later in the afternoon a smooth Adams House aggregation whipped a slow-moving Dudley squad 24 to 11, in a game that was characterized by lengthy midcourt heaves in the general direction of the Gold Coast backboard. Adams proved itself a strong defensive squad, but dangerously weak in capitalizing on scoring opportunities.

Company 1 sank Company 1, 43 to 23, and Company 2 overcame Kirkland, 29 to 19, on a double bill of the previous Tuesday. Company 4 showed the speed and map that explains its high place in the glandings, and they will probably prove the most potent rival to Company 3, which now sets the pace.

The Standings: House  Won  Lost Navy Co. 3  3  0 Navy Co. 4  2  1 Kirkland  2  1 Adams  2  1 Dudley  1  1 Navy Co. 1  1  2 Navy Co 2  1  2 Lowell  0  2 Winthrop  0  2