The Lucky Bag

Since our last appearance in print many and great things have happened in the lives of local stalwarts. The heralded "Beer Bust" came off in record time with everything in sight, including twenty-four cases, consumed in one hour and ten minutes--somewhat of a Distinction for our guzzling class after the slow performances of the two less talented classes which preceded us in the same line of endeavor. Individual honors for consumption and antics were carried off by a member of a set of twins who are locally famous for their literary efforts. He was, however, closely followed by "Tex" Lifshutz, whose bass and impromptu leadership of rollicking songs left little in question about his ability to both consume and produce.

And then there was some stark drama at the Curry Dramatic School, where some of the more venturesome accountants-to-be went for a Saturday evening's entertainment. Glamorous Ernie Hyne was reported to have been seen fending off three girls at one time in one corner while the greatest act of all was put on by one Paul Giamis who assumed the dramatic pseudonym of Beauregard J. Lee III for the evening. His suaveness and natural ability were so certain that he finally had five of the more astute people there convinced of his pure Southern ancestry and has been taking all drawling calls for Mid'n Lee ever since. All the credit for the success must go to conscientious Bob Foley who at last reports didn't want his name mentioned above a whisper in this regard and who by now is in an excellent position to recommend the effectiveness of personal advertisements in this newspaper.

Next of course came the one long, bleak and wearisome week of finals to be followed by the present week of worries, the worst phases of the war on the River front yet to be encountered. Heavy fog prevailed over Baker in many quarters for most of the period and continued overcast is now freely predicted until the spell is broken by the official reports due in a week.

Then come the days of festivities. The traditional Pre-commissioning Banquet will be held on Tuesday, 27 February at the Harvard Club (which, we trust, most of the boys--even those from the West--can pronounce correctly now without the aid of phonetic spelling). Talent is still needed and all candidates brave enough to face such an audience are urged to contact our MC at once.

After that there is nothing on the horizon but a distinct golden haze already reflected in the eyes of some of the more confident of our brothers such as "Weeping Walter" Blatt. Of course there always will be people like the local ROTC who would dispute our primacy by having their commissioning the day before ours, but consolation will lie in our proud oak leaf insignia which, together with the Supply Corps, is 150 years old this Friday and which, incidentally, was adopted in 1785 in honor of the oaken fighting ships on which the Corps first served