Business and Photo Boards Hunt More Undergraduates

In a period when Mother Advocate has deserted her flock, when the Guardian is a publication remembered by but a few, when even Lampy has regressed to reprinting smatterings culled from his yesteryears, the CRIMSON'S war-baby, the SERVICE NEWS, continues to keep its readers abreast of the faltering goings-on about the University. It now represents the only major undergraduate organization which has maintained its continuity of tradition.

With the return of peacetime conditions, the CRIMSON will return, relying a great deal on the men trained by the SERVICE NEWS. Men entering competition now and working on the SERVICE NEWS will help to build the nucleus about which the returning CRIMSON must operate. In so doing they will also benefit themselves by obtaining the best training in journalism available here, a training which covers newspaper work from all angles.

Those who were unable to attend the first competition meeting held last Wednesday evening will have a final opportunity of entering tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock at the CRIMSON Building. All three boards will be open, News, Business, and Photo, and though men will be welcome for all three, those with Business or Photo experience will be especially well received.