The Lucky Bag


Note to all midshipmen: Don't worry, boys--if you don't make the lower quartile this term, it's very easy to accomplish it during your junior semester! Tomorrow marks the 70th day before our next leave. That makes Thursday kind of a big holiday. Now we can sing truthfully.

Dashing Don Royce says, in defense of his receding hair line, that it's consoling to know that he'll never be old and grey. Is Tom Mullin any relation to the comic character, Moon? Eager Abe Zaleznik gets our vote as the eagerest individual in the unit--a certain roomie of ours notwithstanding. Dante Maggiotto and DeLoretto get the nod as the eagerest duo.

Comedy reared its head on Saturday last when Lt. Beckham, he of the "press fearing" Floridans, was greeted by a goodly supply of crying towels and--an inspiring love poem, signed by a mysterious unknown, "the Light." We have no information as to the identity of this modern Shakespeare, but who among us is unfit, by official recognition, for a post-war naval career?

Shades of sentimental glory, as we this week nominate for a distinguished honor, that of "chow chintz number one." High on the list stand your authors--very high indeed. However, for reasons of bias we exclude ourselves, purely for bias. Ablest, we opine, is Bill Murray, ex-Indiana eager, but he is more or less closely pushed by Ted Marchese who knows not the meaning of the line's end.

Hayes-B. for "Baby" Wood, the goonboy of the glades, who's another stalwart candidate. Last on our list is our fabled buddie, King Nielsen--tyrant of D-23. His quiet mannerisms perhaps don't match Bill's smoothness or Ted's conversational approach, but "Showers" ain't fur behind.

Far be it that we should suggest skull-duggery, but the matinee of "Good-Night Ladies" was more than sparsely attended by disbursing officers--by whose recommendation? Don McClure, Joe Mathes, Joe and Mrs. Seltzer, Hank Surke, Chuckie Schroeder, and Dick Shellenbarger being among those present.

A parting thought for Joe Neil, Elgin skyscraper, who spent a pleasurable Sunday in the company of a Metro ballet star. Well, kiddies, meet you at midterms.