The Lucky Bag


A recent Jap-like stab in the back by a self styled amateur poet brings us to our feet, pen in hand and a curse on our lips. The "Light," so called, obviously minus his collegiate and Roget's Thesaurus is forced to rely on pilfered phrases such as "peasant," borrowed from those he seeks to persecute. These cowardly and poorly-rhymed attacks on our person by this word starved urchin of the Missouri wastelands are designed only to throw the spotlight of ridicule upon us, thus freeing the richly deserving J. Bernard Mathes, whose unshaven face grins stupidly before us daily, of that oblivion. Julian is so cheap, incidentally, he makes out P.V.'s for his subway fare--when he doesn't crawl under the rail.

This week we lose to the U.S.S. Sperry one of the most eminently popular officers we've ever had, Lieutenant W. H. Beckham. Popular from his initial lecture, Lt. Beckham did a great job of teaching, disbursing, making us laugh, needling us on, and managing to give as inspirational talk or two. His "50-50," poetry recitals, and "captains of industry" are going to give him a place in every Junior's vocabulary for some time to come. "So long and smooth sailing to a mighty swell fellow," from your admiring underlings, the Junior Class.

A new combination has appeared as campus lately--worthy of much comment. This very vogue "combo" includes grey shirt, service blues, and white covered garrison hat. The local teamsters union, however, is seriously thinking of asking the Navy Department to have it banned since it has a confusing resemblance to their affiliated Street Car Conductors' attire.

We have left Kevin "The Bull" O'Donnell unpublished for several weeks. We caught him admiring the new character in Smilin' Jack. Walking through the Statler lobby, "Bullit Bobby" Malone and Ted Lutz met two old friends--Sure, we know, boys.

Who is the young lady who keeps calling Dante Maggiotto on the D Entry phone? Doesn't she know about Freddie? Hayes Grant Wood really pulled a coup the other day--except that it was the wrong house. For further details on this extremely cloudy subject we suggest Mr. Wood see any of the boys he couped.

What well-known campus character (amer) threatened to give what well-known school the thirty-third degree? Think of it gentlemen, the thirty-third degree!

Short story: Davie Staff, date, too many Singapore Slings, birdies, silent date, fireman's carry, six flights, good night ladies. Martin C. Smith, who fears no pen, is accused of resting up on Friday afternoon and evenings--"What for?" ask his inquisitive roomies