The Lucky Bag

Navy Supply Corps Midshipmen Officers School

"My Day" by ex-Mid'n. Boswell: "I had to confess that I hadn't even peered at the Management; I gaped in amazement when called on in Procurement; I stumbled through a weak excuse in Man. Cost but when the other 69 men in the Company, a dog and three stray field mice came up to my room that night to seek advice that was too much. However, I'm not narrow minded; the other boys got a laugh out of my anties, so why shouldn't I go through with the show?"

Nevertheless, the Boz's roommate, Ned Bailey, says that we should note how well Boz did in his Disbursing recitation; but that's only because he took the Manual and Memo home with him on leave--Ned saw him packing them. Now Ned says that even when he, Bailey, works his normal 23 hours a day he can't keep up with his roommate in this course.

One news item of last week was slightly in error in that a second victim of the marital urge has come to light, but quietly. Howie "Curls" Busby took the step down South the ten days and expects the arrival of the new dependent up here within a few weeks.

Still others came close to the deed. Ernie "the Muncher" Hyne, Robespierre Foley and Bashful Bob Grinaker all slipped rings on the proper fingers. The sight of these boys trying to bribe apartment owners with pockets stuffed with cigarettes gives promise of important developments in these fields in the near future.

Some of the dire tales connected with the rest of the boys on the leave are still coming out. Fred Ballantine was seen chasing Bonita Granville through the cars of a UP express with a telegram as an excuse. Herman Homer Cono stuck his head into some place where it didn't belong and he came out with only his bare top to show. B. A. Johnson also ran afoul of a pair of shears in the basement of Gallatin and now stands as living testimony of what the Coop can do to those who don't pay their bills on time.

But the leave doesn't seem to have done everyone so much good. E. Hollis Busbice, the mindreader (of teachers' minds) in our Company 1, seems to be using a clouded crystal ball in his efforts at mental penetration this term. A few of his recent suggestions in Management have smacked of sheer desparation. But at least he has continued to smile (with all thirty-two visible) and to try his best.