The Lucky Bag

We are much honored again this year to announce the annual meeting of that international fraternity, Sigma Epsilon Chi. The boys will hold their sixty-ninth reunion at the Hotel Touraine after a dinner at the Shangri La.

We get the good word that Cecil Rhodes' weekly companion on his journeys to New York is none other than the famed Count de Wright. "Junior" is said to have found his love in Gotham.

Buggsie Siegal's roommate, one S. B. Siskind, reports that one glance into the "Shang" on Saturday eve was enough to convince him that "Dream Boat Bill" Walker, Tommy "The Cavalier" Wilcox, and "Sad Sam" Wolfe were falling into bad hands.

It was a poorer Randy Phillips who spurred his subway car ever onward Saturday last. The "Dolph", once of Hollywood, has made a standing date at one of Beantown's favorite nightspots--the Touraine Bar. How naive must have been the faces of Bill "The Bradford" Shirey, Don "Raymore Playmore" Royce and Rod "Scollay Square" Rolain as this threesome was asked to desert their regular haunts for a well-spent Saturday in Wellesley.

We've got the word on "Iron" Phil Masquelette. His weekends are spent seeing twin bills at the N.T.S. movie followed by two hours of open order drill. We understand old Sam Wolfe it better reached by asking for "the voice," up on the fourth deck. Shifting the scene to the fishing industry, we found Messrs. Unsinn, Vadakin, Vance, and Violand tripping the line fantastic, greys and all, in that order.

Orchids to ponderous Doe "I.Q." Reichard whose 89 topped the intellectual seal on the disbursing mid-term.