Allport, Salvemini, and Fay Urge Prompt, Fair Trials

"Crimes are crimes even if committed in time of war in enemy lands," stated Gaetano Salvemini, Lauro de Bosis Lecturer on the History of Italian Civilization, at a forum on "Treatment of War Criminals" held last night under the sponsorship of the International Club in Lowell House Junior Common Room. Other speakers were Gordon W. Allport '19, professor of Psychology, and Sidney B. Fay, professor of History.

Salvemini added, "Juridical international law is inadequate and must be supplemented by a moral international law derived from statements in the peace treaty that starting war is one of the most heinous of crimes and whoever does so is guilty and liable to punishment."

Stressing the psychological handling of punishment, Professor Allport declared that "public relations are necessary to make Hitlerism seem contemptible and foolish in the eyes of the world and eventually in the eyes of Germans.... Otherwise the punished Nazis will appear as martyrs."

Professor Fay insisted on "prompt, severe, fair, and just trials" as having an excellent psychological effect on the Germans, who will then see that crimes of this sort will not be tolerated.