Calendar: Introductory Meetings


8.30 o'clock to noon. Registration in Memorial Hall.

11 o'clock to 1. English A Anticipatory Examination, New Lecture Hall.

2 o'clock to 3:30. Chemistry and Physics placement tests.

3:30 o'clock to 4:30. Physics, French, and German placement tests, New Lecture Hall.


4:45 o'clock to 5:45. French, German, and Spanish placement tests, New Lecture Hall.

7:30 o'clock. Reception for new men, Smith Halls Common room. Speakers: Richard M. Gummere, Chairman of Committee on Admissions, Wilbur J. Bender '27, Counsellor for Veteans, Dean Buck Othes.


9 o'clock. Required meeting for new men, New Lecture Hall. Speakers: Keyes Dew. Metcalf, Director of University Library, Dean Hanford, Dean Leighton.

10:30 o'clock to noon. Reading test, New Lecture Hall.


4 o'clock. Open House for Freshmen, Phillips Brooks House.


10 o'clock to 4. Freshman advisers available for conference.

5 o'clock. Study cards due to 2 University Hall.