Holworthy and Stoughton Provide Temporary Housing Accomodations

More than 1,000 and very possibly more than 1300 undergraduates--in either case of greatest number since 1943--will enroll today and Monday in Harvard's first registration since V-J Day. Late veteran registration figures are still coming in and the final University enrollment estimates remain in the guessing stage.

While only about 350 new Freshmen are expected to enter today, an unexpected increase in veteran applications has made it necessary to provide temporary quarters in Holworthy and Stoughton Halls, in the Yard, not used since the Navy moved into them in 1942.

Definite room assignments will probably be made by October1, and if there is an overflow, McKinlock Hall, closed to civilians since the spring of 1943, will be used, according to a statement by Dean Hanford yesterday.

Smith Dining Hall is now open and the Gore Dining Hall opens for breakfast tomorrow. Until Monday payment of meals may be made by coupons, which are signed for at the Dining Halls.

Men living in temporary Yard quarters will take their meals at Smith and Gore, which are operating as Freshman Halls rather than as Houses, if they are new Freshmen entering, from civilian life, or at Adams and Lowell if they are returning students or new veterans. Lowell and Adams House dining halls open Monday.