Hot Navy Company 3 Tops Intramural Race

Lowell, Winthrop Struggle To Keep Out of Cellar Hole

With the first half of the basketball intramural season over, Navy Company 3, leading the league with five victories and no losses, will play its first game of the second half against Kirkland's fourth place five at 3 o'clock Tuesday.

The league, although outclassed at the top end by Company 3, is packed closely together down at the bottom, and games early next week may change the standings. On Monday Lowell, with no wins and three defeats, has an opportunity to relinquish its cellar position to Winthrop, with only two losses against no wins, while Navy Company 1 and Adams will try to improve their respective positions.

Dudley's Commuters, in second place with a record of three wins against one loss, could smash through to the top of the league if they beat Company 1 on Tuesday and Company 4 on Wednesday.