Broadened Provisions Give Students $15 More Monthly

Student veterans without dependents rate to receive $65 subsistence per month instead of the former $50, while those with dependents will receive $90 instead of $75 according to the revised GI Bill which was signed by President Truman on December 29 after being passed by Congress on December 19.

Veterans injured in the war may now receive compensation based on the rate of $105 monthly under the Rehabilitation Bill.

The bill also provides that, although persons on terminal leave or hospitalized needing discharge may now receive million expenses, no subsistence allowance will be paid them for that period. This provision is retroactive to June 22, 1944, but no instructions have been received for its administration as yet by the Boston Veterans Administration.

A citizen of the United States who served in active military or naval duty for an allied nation may receive educational benefits to the same extent as those who served in the American forces, but he will not be eligible if he has received similar benefits from the government under which he served.

A release from Wilbur J. Bender '27, Counsellor for Veterans, said that "it is our understanding that the above provision does not include men who served in the American Field Service, although we have received no official interpretation as yet."